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DCO Thinkfast London

At our last DCO Thinkfast event, Splash Worldwide and project partner CoLab Media Consulting launched an in-depth study with senior brand marketers on the subject of Dynamic Content Optimisation, or DCO. Executives from Splash, CoLab and several other prominent brands shared insights from this study at our DCO Thinkfast event.

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  • Splash commissioned CoLab to conduct an independent study of senior brand marketer and media agency attitudes to Dynamic Content in their marketing efforts. Brands interviewed in wave one included Betfair, Diageo, The Economist, Expedia, Facebook, Microsoft, Nomad Foods and Telefonica. These comments from one surveyed executive provide a good overview of marketer sentiments: “Digital content optimization is a grey area where creative, data and media delivery blend together. You need someone who understands the greyness and blend. It’s partly about bureaucracy and partly about education. A good DCO partner should just fit on top.”
  • Additional findings highlight the risks of poor DCO planning and execution, while offering wide praise and encouragement for the many upsides to be gained through systematic and methodical adoption of best practices from proven partners. “We are the first to conduct original research into Digital Content Optimisation – an area that is increasingly important to brands,” said Alastair Duncan, Splash Worldwide’s Chief Strategy Officer. “With our moderator Dominic Mills and panelists from Snapchat, Nomad Foods, Splash Worldwide and Flashtalking, we were able to share our initial takeaways from the research and our analysis.
  • “Among those,” Duncan continued, “DCO is viewed as being an extremely important practice that is highly relevant to most major advertising initiatives. By planning well, communicating clearly and choosing the right partners, brands have immense opportunities to produce results that are widespread and highly effective.” According to Duncan, the study is ongoing, and Splash and its partners will continue to share findings in upcoming Thinkfasts and other industry events in days to come.