What we do

We originate, adapt and deliver effective creative communications across all channels and borders.


Depending on a client's requirements, we offer a wide range of services to enable the global deployment of creative communications. In a typical year, Splash deploys assets across video, print, outdoor, digital and social channels, as well as other bespoke formats (e.g. internal communications) to over 100 markets around the world.

    6. PRINT
    1. Global delivery is nothing without communicating an idea that resonates with a client's own customers. To deliver high-performing creative impact for our wide range of lifestyle, entertainment and luxury clients, with authentic local relevance, we employ creative teams from a diverse background within the advertising, technology, content and cultural influence, PR, social and digital industries.

    2. TV and video production is about connecting the right people with the right projects. With the seamless integration of our creative and production teams, along with a global network of talent, every stage of your production is carefully crafted. Whether it be live action, animation, live streaming, nation or international, our production team have the expertise to make your ambitions possible.

    3. Our in-house photographic studio and centre of excellence in Portland, Oregon demonstrates our commitment to creating and capturing high-end, precise and attractive content for our clients. Combined without our expertise in retouching product imagery, brand and lifestyle photography, the studio allows us to imagine, plan, shoot, re-touch and deliver photography completely in-house without relying on third party services or locations.

    4. Digital media is a mature, cost-effective and trackable opportunity that allows brands to connect with customers. Clever targeting of campaigns on demographic variables and subject matter, and placement opportunities delivers performance that outpaces market averages and allows marketing messages to cut through. As brands move into the emerging world of programmatic advertising, Splash is uniquely placed with the technology to integrate with DCO (dynamic content optimisation) and DSP (demand side platform) to deliver award-winning work across digital channels, ad platforms, owned and bought media.

    5. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through to newer sites such as TikTok provide a set of unique opportunities to access targeted markets and deliver rich content direct to users' phones. As the market continues to evolve, opportunities for cost effective, efficient communications to users continue to present themselves. Our experience in organising a content marketing strategy and delivering and adapting content for markets around the world allows brands to make the most of these opportunities.

    6. Clever and novel print-based campaigns, always-on assets and targeted direct communications remain an effective marketing tool, particularly when targeting an established, higher-end market. Our experience, technology and innovative thinking bring opportunities for personalisation, large scale roll-out and delivery of brand-wide print communications. In effect, we can easily run and support personalised, localised and brand-led activity that would have proved difficult or impossible in the past.


Managing global localisation services on behalf of global companies requires the close integration of language, production and technology capabilities. Splash offers significant scale and deep experience in all of these areas. We work with many of the world's leading corporations to provide transcreation support across all marketing activities. Our support delivers measurable improvements in turnaround time, quality and cost as well as reductions in time spent on managing campaign deployment by our clients.

    1. If we are able to work with a campaign development team from the start of the production process, Splash is able to use its global network of in-market linguists to review any of the campaign assets – from a storyboard or key line to full script or animatic. Our Cultural Consultation process reviews material against a range of aspects, from competitor activity to legal guidelines. The result allows our clients to avoid creating a master asset that is difficult to deploy into key target markets.

    2. Thanks to our global network of specialist writers, linguist and subject matter experts, our language capability spans all services and specialisms. From technical, legal, financial, and corporate copy translation to transcreation of highly creative campaign copy, we ensure accuracy, adaptation and transformation of content that reaches global audiences with the same powerful message and cultural relevance in every target market. Our in-house transcreation team manages and delivers:

      • Translation and transcreation
      • Proofreading
      • Copy-editing and copywriting
      • Transcription and international voice-overs
      • Social media language services
      • Cultural consultancy and market research
      • Content population
    3. Individual markets have different rules and regulations and navigating through these to get your content on air can seem a daunting task. By building and maintain a strong local and international relationships with clearance bodies and regulators across the globe, our team are here to help you through the process. Whether it be TV, cinema or radio. With cultural consultation and management of the pre and post production clearance process from script to final clocked submission, we guide you through to ensure your content meets regulations without compromising creative integrity.

    4. Through the use of our translation memory, we are able to store sentences, paragraphs or segments of text that have been translated previously. Translation memory is used to suggest identical or similar texts that were previously translated to help us translate new text more efficiently and consistently and at scale.


Understanding the performance of the content a brand produces is essential to improvement. The landscape of data and analytics for a global, multi-channel campaign is fragmented and inconsistent. Splash has developed a creative and content performance module that shows a brand how its campaign performs.

    1. Drawing from a number of sources, our in-house strategy and insights team is structured to bring tighter knowledge and experience across traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. Using a combination of desk, user and owned sources, Splash builds up a picture of the audience of a brand; what problems they face; the world they live in. With this understanding, Splash enables brands to define intelligently, prioritise and target key marketing and business growth opportunities.

    2. Using our online business intelligence platform, we give clients the insight into how their campaigns perform in an easy-to-consume, consolidated and visual way that enables them to understand easily how it all works. Splash visualises clients' data online and provides thm with the ability to interrogate that data, drilling down into individual data points (markets, brands, campaigns, media etc), to understand the detail of campaign performances. Splash also provides a range of services that helps clients interrogate and understand campaign performance data.

    3. Programmatic advertising is the perfect fusion of technology, data and creativity. There is a clear opportunity for brands to create better experiences for consumers and improve RPO. However, the combination of bringing creative, data and technical competencies together is a challenge for many brands and agencies. We help brands define a programmatic strategy, build a capability to operate efficiently and achieve creative excellence.


Creative technology helps brands have more meaningful communication with customers than ever before. However, the creative technology landscape has become increasingly complex; there are more providers than ever, more features and a wider spectrum of pricing. It's becoming harder to adopt a single vendor solution and most brands are choosing a suite of best-in-class technologies, which raises a need to implement smart and easy-to-manage integrations. To help our clients maximise the value of creative technology, we've built an independent and agnostic technology consultancy called Neon. Without bias or preference to any technology solution, our consultants can help you with:

    1. All organisations today use a number of technologies in their creative operations. The technologies have different and, often, overlapping capabilities. They were launched at different times and long ago. They are often not integrated. Whatever the status you are at with the technology you use, Splash provides an independent assessment of how creative technology is used. This could include:

      • Capability assessment for existing technology
      • Market insight and benchmarking
      • Technology selection
      • Integration opportunities
      • Product vision and strategy definition
      • Alignment to business requirements
      • Key requirements definition
    2. The marketing technology landscape is large and fragmented. Boundaries between different areas of marketing technology are ill-defined and there is limited standardisation of feature definitions. Choosing the right technology, or technologies, for a brand is a complicated and daunting task. We have an established approach to help clients understand their requirements, identify the right vendors, run a procurement process and onboard a chosen supplier. We make sure that the right choices are made in the shortest possible time.

    3. Forrester Research predicts that unstructured enterprise content volume is growing at a rate of 200% annually. Producing content at scale, and efficiently, can only be enabled with well-implemented and fit-for-purpose technology. We review clients' core business processes to identify where technology can be implemented to deliver efficiencies. This may include:

      • Time and motion studies
      • Key user interviews
      • Data analysis
    4. Everything that we do is about increasing return on investment (ROI) for our clients. We want our clients to use technology to help them understand the ROI of their campaign activities. This may include:

      • Definition of key campaign metrics
      • Structured global analytics frameworks
      • Data management and visualisation
    5. Almost all brands have adopted a fragmented group of technologies to support their creative operation, often implemented in isolation, to solve immediate business needs. Most creative operations could benefit from improved integration between existing systems. Splash provides a range of services to help organisations deliver better integration in the marketing technology stack. These include:

      • Review existing solution API and interoperability capabilities
      • Definition of integration requirements
      • Clear and defined value statements for integration
      • Development, build and test services
    6. The single biggest challenge to maximising the value from existing marketing technology is poor adoption rates. User adoption and change management is complex and challenging. Splash has implemented systems for thousands of users and has a clear approach to ensuring that our technology – and that of our client – experiences the highest levels of use. These services include:

      • 'Train the trainer'
      • Live online training
      • Integrated, contextual help documentation
      • Live user support
      • Academy and knowledge base management
      • User sentiment surveys
      • Live user events
    7. Operations technology evolves at a rapid pace with new features, capabilities and technologies available constantly. Splash is committed to delivering new features and capabilities through our technology all of the time. However, we offer a range of services that helps clients identify opportunities to innovate within their creative technology environment. These include:

      • Review existing technology roadmaps
      • Market insight and trends' reports
    8. Seamlessly integrating product information into the sales and marketing life cycle is essential for a brand to be efficient. Splash has a product information management (PIM) portal that enables brands to store PIM content and integrate it into the language management and digital asset management workflows.


Splash has created an innovative, cloud-based creative technology solution called VIVID. VIVID includes a range of features and modules to support the creation, distribution and management of content in a global creative environment. This not only enables us to operate efficiently on a global scale but provides valuable features for our clients to manage their global marketing environment efficiently and effectively.

    1. Irrespective of the individual technology platforms clients choose an appropriate approach to platform management ensures maximum user adoption, safeguards in compliance and improves user experience. User experience is not limited to the user interface design, it relates to the whole service a user has with a platform. We support with service design, content managers, training resources and help desk services to support our own- and third-party applications.

    2. Managing a global, multi-channel campaign is a complex process. Our easy-to-use campaign management tools makes it is easy to manage tasks, files and actions online in the cloud. We cover:

      • Work in progress file management
      • File sharing
      • Access permissions and control
      • Task management and assignment
    3. Resource management is an essential part of efficiently managing any creative operation. Splash has a range of features that help manage resources effectively amongst different skills and competing demands. This includes:

      • Tracking resource availability
      • Creating and maintaining people and skills databases
      • Regular time capture
      • Calendar planning
      • Project management
      • Absence management
    4. Establishing a controlled workflow solution, enables the automation and enforcement of pre-defined processes that improve efficiency and enable compliance with brand, and corporate and legal governance requirements. Splash has created a workflow module that enables brands to be more efficient and consistent in the global creative operation. This includes:

      • Linking workflow steps
      • Status management
      • Automated file management and processing
      • Notifications and tasks assignment
    5. Splash has created a flexible online, channel- agnostic, approvals engine. Our cloud-hosted VIVID module enables anyone to approve any content, from anywhere, at any time. The tool allows each organisation to configure the right balance between speed of approval and the need for strict governance. Features include:

      • Channel-neutral approvals
      • Collaborative approvals
      • Workflow management
      • Version comparison
      • Audit trails
      • Decision-tracking
      • Deadline and reminder emails
    6. Visibility of campaign costs is critical to the efficient creative operation. Splash has a simple and easy-to-use set of features that help brands control costs. These include:

      • Estimate management
      • Rate card management
      • Cost reconciliations
      • Time reconciliations
      • Automated and investigative reporting
    7. To produce content, a brief must be produced. When briefs are produced for multiple deliverables, across multiple projects, from multiple organisations, and multiple locations to work together, the quality of the brief is directly linked to the quality of the final output. Most organisations are producing briefs and content at an astonishing rate. The need for a central, structured and clear briefing process is essential. Splash has a briefing module that enables brands to:

      • Create multi-step briefs
      • Use workflow to contribute, review and approve briefs
      • Manage and report on status
      • Control and manage linked documentation
    8. Template driven, automated content production across all media channels is an essential capability for all brands wanting to deliver high-quality, brand-compliant communications in rapid response to demand. Splash has created industry-leading capabilities that enable brands to customise multi-channel content within their brand framework, online through the browser. Features include:

      • Multi-channel file adaptation
      • Template-based execution
      • Online permissions-controlled environment
      • Automated workflow and approvals system
    9. Digital asset management (DAM) is a critical tool for any creative operation. Splash's leading DAM solution, hosted online in the cloud, enables our clients to manage digital assets efficiently in the global marketing environment. The VIVID DAM module includes:

      • AI metadata management
      • Granular permissions management
      • File distribution and sharing
      • Rights management
      • Integrated approval, language and product information management