Global Delivery


Developing a launch creative platform and key visual iconography to provide emotional engagement, competitive standout and consistency for the brand across Europe.

The business challenge
  • New brands that feed the world don’t come along very often. That’s why when we were asked to launch a new global seed brand across Europe, we needed to think big. Formed from the merger of Dow with DuPont, Corteva Agriscience™ , is one of the largest agriscience corporations in the world. They know seeds and they know farmers. But what they needed was to make a success of their new global portfolio.
  • Our brief was to introduce France, Germany, Russia and the Ukraine to the new Seed Brand Brevant™, and to create distinctive communication with universal appeal for the new brand and make a powerful offer directly to dealers.
  • Corteva is growing its seed portfolio with the launch of the new Brevant™ brand to complement its market leading Pioneer® brand. The new creative platform needed to create clear differentiation for Brevant™ from Pioneer® and to engage both the key network of distributors who sell the portfolio and to motivate the end users, Farmers.
  • Our creative strategy was fourfold: First, identify a creative territory that would generate an emotional response. Second, the brand had to play a central role in evoking the emotion in a credible way. Third, the brand had to have distinctive and iconic assets. Lastly, the brand offers a clear means to end for the farmer and the distributor.
The Response
  • Splash unearthed a key insight that for farmers, the seeds they put in the ground really matter. Because it’s the most important decision they take every year, it’s a highly charged and emotional topic for them as they are literally ‘betting the farm’. In response to this Splash developed a creative platform built around the idea “If you love seeds, you’ll love Brevant™”
  • This emotional territory opened up permission for the brand to use strong iconic imagery with the use of the heart formed by cupped hands. This visual imagery is immediately recognised and understood in all four launch markets of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The line itself went through Splash’s rigorous transcreation process to ensure maximum engagement in each individual market. The new creative platform was initially delivered through a launch film that was showcased online on every market’s microsite as well as being extensively used at PR, Dealer and Farmer Launch events.
The success measures
    Brevant™ has just been successfully launched in its four key markets with a roll out planned for other European markets using the new creative platform
    A Communications Toolkit has been delivered for each market with all key visuals transcreated to ensure brand consistency
    Splash has developed key assets for a comprehensive range of communication channels including video, digital, print, OOH, in-field and event collateral
  • "The team at Splash have helped us develop an outstanding European creative platform that has led to the successful launch of Brevant™ in all our key markets. Splash provide strong strategic and executional support for Brevant™, both at a central and local market level. We thoroughly enjoy our collaboration and appreciate the support and expertise Splash provides."
  • Etienne Bouquet – Associate Marketing Director, Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont.
  • Megan DeVelvis – EMEA Master Planner, Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont.