Social campaign

Inspiring adventure with targeted social media marketing

Hilton hotels are famous, but how would you get 18-35 year olds to engage and book weekend rooms across Europe?

The business challenge
  • Target an audience of 18-35 year olds and use the power of social media to inspire them into action and into room booking. - Find a new audience - Talk to them and inspire with opportunities - Link Hilton to adventure
The response
  • Our social platform allows Hilton to target the audience and inspires its audience with exciting content around hidden gems in popular city break locations. An inspirational film sparks consideration using unexpected and unforgettable hidden gems, taking viewers through a journey that showcases exciting destinations. The film is followed up by a detailed, consideration-focused ad. This allows the audience to discover, learn and book through a Facebook canvas travel guide. The conversation is sustained and supported through Instagram carousels and stories.
The success measures
  • 3x average engagement rates
    The work engages users more effectively, tripling the Facebook average for a canvas content, and doubles the Instagram average for stories
  • 7 million impressions
    By allowing users to interact through canvas placements, we achieved an uplift of 34% more content views.
  • 50% booking increase
    Hilton have seen a 50% booking increase in the target audience.
  • A million views
    The inspiration film has been seen over a million times and counting.
  • BOC Brilliance Awards 2018 - Finalist - Best Social Media Campaign