Creative Technology

Accelerate your marketing with our creative technology

Delivering aligned advertising experience across a large-scale network of end users can be difficult and challenging. With Splash’s creative technology platform, and our team of experts, delivering assets to end users is efficient and effective.

The business challenge
  • BMW need to deliver their campaigns and assets across their network of retailers, allowing them to customise assets and personalise campaign material so it works for them.
The response
  • We have implemented and continue to develop our creative technology system, which allows BMW retailers to log in, get a personalised view of available assets that can be configured and customised for their use. The system ensures the deliverables meet brand guidelines and legal requirements, while allowing the end users the control what they need to make them effective in-market.
The success measures
  • 5,000+ live assets
    At the time of writing, dealers can personalise and download more than 5,000 assets.
  • 5,000 projects
    All of BMW’s retailer marketing flows through our tool, with an average of three new projects created per month.
  • 110,000 assets downloaded
    Dealers have ordered in excess of 110,000 creative assets since the platform launched at the start of 2018, each personalised for their use.
  • Over 1,500 users across 300 branches
    Users from across the the BMW retailer network throughout the UK can log in and order assets from our tech.