Splash Worldwide launches major new content production arm: Splash Studios

Purpose-built for the modern content landscape, Splash Studios is a new global production company that brings together innovation and creativity.

Recognising a client desire to create more content, more often, the Splash Studios team have created a new model for content production with modern filmmaking at its core. 

A model that maintains a premium level of quality across a progressive mix of high performing, multiplatform content pieces. Matching the consumption appetite of culture with the very best production values in the communications world. Whether it’s a TVC or dynamically-generated, immersive digital campaign, the team has an ambition to create content that’s made for tomorrow. 

Splash CEO, Paul Stonebridge said, “ironically the challenges of producing during the COVID-19 crises has accelerated the integration of our worldwide content team from a technology, process, talent and cultural perspective, making this the right time to launch Splash Studios as clients increasingly look for agile and efficient ways to create compelling content at scale.”

Operating under the belief system of creating Content That Moves, the Splash Studios team have built an agile structure across their offices in Portland, New York, London, Amsterdam and Singapore. Enabling the energetic teams to concept, edit or adapt bespoke film content plus photography, animation, illustration and CGI all under one roof. 

Global Head of Content, Phil Conway, added, “my goal for Splash Studios is to offer our clients a full range of production capabilities. The comms landscape is continually evolving, and we're creating, measuring and optimising content in new and innovative ways, especially during this pandemic. I'm so excited to bring all our amazing talent together to create smarter and faster solutions for our partners”.

Global Creative Director, Chris Goddard, agreed, “we’re in an exciting era of content production with an opportunity to create, entertain and move audiences on an ever-growing scale. The launch of Splash Studios is an incredible opportunity to unite our global creative teams; allowing us to continue producing progressive, multi-platform content work that works hard on each and every channel for our amazing partners.”

Centred around an 11,000 sq ft, 24-hour content studio, the Splash Studios team believes in utilising industry-leading technology to make their partners’ lives easier and more productive. Virtual edit suites and livestream shoot capabilities allow the team to connect and collaborate with clients across the production journey - wherever they might be in the world. Simplifying the process while maximising the output. 

From TV to TIKTOK, Splash Studios’ talented creative teams are partnering with the world’s leading brands to create next-generation work for the next generation of consumers.  

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