Generation Z and Instagram TV (IGTV) go hand in hand for 2019. Those who get in early can lead in this space and engage with this lucrative audience who are set to shape things to come in 2019 and onwards.

In 2018, IGTV introduced long-form, vertical video – 60 secs to 60 mins - onto the scene to be a strong contender for YouTube’s viewership, which to date has dominated in online video.

Whilst the full potential is still yet to be seen – Instagram’s own executives called it a work in progress¹ – the future potential in 2019 and onwards is worth taking note.

In real terms, Instagram has some catching up to do with its 1bn monthly active versus YouTube’s 1.8bn. The platform is building faster² though, with 5%³ growth per quarter compared to YouTube’s overall yearly growth in 2017 of 9%. The commercial opportunity is significant. 72%⁴ of Instagram users have made a purchase as a result of a something they saw on Instagram.

Why is IGTV worth investing in now?

The rationale from Instagram is sound. 2019 is set to see the next generation of teens and young adults – otherwise known as Gen Z – become the largest consumer demographic in the world⁵. And what does this generation like? YouTube vloggers – cited from the Awesomeness Survey (2017) as being more influential, relatable and a reason to purchase⁶ than actors, influencers and musicians  - and their smartphones⁷ – the top device for entertainment viewing purposes.

Generation Z is a hot topic for brands, agencies and companies alike, seeking to understand the preferences, tastes and behaviours of this demographic. Instagram is looking to grab a share of the prize when it comes to video consumption. This move also presents a great opportunity for brands to capitalise on this Gen Z ready format.

Who’s in? 

Under Armour has recently struggled to capture the younger audience’s attention⁸. Acknowledging Gen Z’s love of athleisure⁹ and the desire to personalise and customise their own style, the brand has entered the fray with  the new IGTV series - Icon Customised Creator Collaborators¹⁰.  The show invites a series of artists and designers to customise their own trainer. This focus on a topic this generation like, in a format they consume looks a smart move.

Market leaders in the category Nike is embracing IGTV to engage with its younger audience. Over two-thirds of Gen Z want to see real people¹¹ when it comes to content and this is exactly what Nike are bringing to life it its IGTV series My Crazy Dream¹² , which taps into the stories of real, everyday athletes.

Branching out into a slightly broader demographic, Bacardi sought to create the first IGTV music video¹³ in collaboration with Les Twins as part of its Do What Moves You campaign. This saw the brand invite its community through Stories to decide what locations, moves and segments would feature in the crowdsourced music video to push live on IGTV. Inviting their community to help formulate how the video played out is great example of engaging with an audience, exactly what the Gen Z audience looks for when it comes to more interactive, brand experiences¹⁴. 

Learning from the best, what can you do?

Here are your first five steps into the world of IGTV:

  1. Get a channel. This seems obvious but whilst many still are yet to embark on the journey it is important to explore the capabilities of this platform
  2. Create content specific to IGTV. take a look at their content creator guidelines¹⁵ as a starting point. Think beyond just repurposing content to curated pieces that will work best in this long form, vertical format to the target demographic
  3. Have some patience. Whilst the full potential is yet to be realised, audiences will follow, and engagement opportunities will evolve.  
  4. Be first. You can play it safe with repurposed content or take the initiative and push the boundaries. Take Bacardi as a point of inspiration
  5. Ask an expert. Finally, if you have any plan to utilise the power of IGTV to appeal to Gen Z audience, we suggest you take a look at our report A New Dawn: Gen Z Unpacked which deep dives into their likes, tastes and demands from brands.

Need a spark of inspiration on what you could be doing on IGTV? Our door is always open to bounce strategy and creative ideas around. 


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