I wrote earlier in the year about navigating the unique and difficult circumstances presented by the COVID-19 outbreak from a business perspective.

I outlined the way in which Splash was well placed to help our clients win and that our business has always been designed to be able to move fast and to help clients deliver their communications for any market. Splash’s ethos has always been to find the smartest way to complete a task.

Over the last five months we’ve shown how powerful our model really is. We have been busy providing innovative solutions and smart ways of working to clients globally, producing some of our most impressive work to date under the most challenging circumstances. From socially distanced shoots and virtual on-set meetings via Zoom; utilising our virtual editing environments to share production work; to the delivery of localised global campaigns in just 24 hours from brief as well as the provision of practical solutions to clients when their other partners were unable to assist.

Yes, it’s been tough. And some of our clients have been very badly hit by the temporary closure of their businesses which in turn has affected some of our teams. But our ability to plan, react, change and deliver, is down to the fantastic global Splash team. I cannot speak highly enough of their hard work and commitment. The way they seamlessly pivoted to 100% home working and supporting each other globally has been truly impressive. It shows we have a great, collaborative team spirit at Splash.

Feedback from our clients has been exceptional – not just for our ability to still deliver on time and to budget even under the ‘lockdown’ restrictions, but for the on-going quality and rigour of our work. We’ve even been described as a ‘true game changer’ by one of our clients.

While distributed working has proved hugely effective and many of our teams will continue to work from home, we are very proud to say that our London, Amsterdam, Portland and New York bases are now re-opening, providing our teams with the option to utilise these spaces if they wish. We have worked tirelessly to ensure the office reopening is done to rigorous processes, including a scheduling system to ensure we are aware of numbers in the office at any given time.

We recently announced Rob Smith joining as our US CEO that starts a new chapter for Splash in the Americas. We are also extremely excited about a couple of further announcements that we will be making over the coming weeks. We’ll also be publishing some new research and case studies to show what we’ve been up to. We have been busy! Keep your eyes on our social channels to find out more.

Get in touch at if you want to speak with my team or hear more about the innovative solutions we have implemented for our clients during the global pandemic.

Best wishes,

Paul Stonebridge
Global CEO

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