We are well placed to help you deliver your marketing activity, even in the most challenging of environments

We recognise that we’re all operating under unique and difficult circumstances as we navigate the COVID-19 outbreak. First and foremost, we are focused on the safety of our Splash colleagues and that of our partners.

We also recognise that business’ need to carry on as best they can at this time. To plan. To react. To change. And, above all, to get ready for the future. We like to think we are well placed to help our clients win. Why?

Long before this virus broke, we designed our business to be able to move fast and to help clients deliver their communications for any market. Splash’s ethos has always been to find the smartest way to complete a task. So our normal is perfectly suited to help you during the extraordinary. Here are seven things that may be useful to know:

A united global team. Our technology platform connects our whole team and client partners together, globally. The platform enables us to create, translate, adapt, localise and launch campaigns. In fact, we have already adapted, created and delivered COVID-related campaigns for some of the world’s largest clients using resources from across the US, Europe and Asia. Like many of our clients you will already be working from home and for us that means it is business as usual.

Global communications, delivered at speed. Our technology platform allows the world’s leading sports, entertainment, tech, travel, automotive, luxury, retail and lifestyle marketeers to seamlessly ideate and automate the localisation of master campaign assets to deliver integrated global campaigns quickly, easily and effectively.

Remote working. Our technology supports full remote working, with cloud-based tools able to help everyone from translators to editors to continue to support you. We have already been able to adapt client assets to make the best of booked media.

Assets and Approvals. We can bring approvals and campaign assets straight to your teams, wherever they are. We’ll help you maintain governance of your activity by understanding who has approved assets and when. Just log in to keep track wherever you are located. You’ll also be able to see when they have successfully shipped.

Production facilities. We have a range of global production facilities that we are able to isolate which will be critical for ensuring that we can continue to shoot product stills and video.

Remote viewing. We can livestream video shoots and other production projects so that you don’t need to travel. This will happen seamlessly. We know that many live action shoots are being cancelled so we are happy to reformat existing assets or shoot in a location less affected by the outbreak.

Alternative production formats. If you can’t use photography we can build your products in CGI as well as create the environment you need them to feature in. Or we can swap elements of existing photography assets to show your new products. We’re already doing this for a number of partners who are waiting for product samples to be delivered but can’t wait any longer to make progress.

We understand that this is a tough time for us all. But we’re determined to use our 10+ years experience of agile production and technology solutions to help you in whatever way we can.

Get in touch at if you want to speak with my team, hear more about our technology-led solutions or see examples of how our work has helped clients to win, even in the most challenging of environments.

Best wishes,

Paul Stonebridge
Global CEO